Friday 5 September 2014

EPFCA at 10 - Take 7

Elvis: From Nashville to Memphis - The Essential MastersI became aware of the EPFCA on my birthday in 2005. It was on a Sunday.

My friend, Merial, who retired and stayed just on the other side of Kommetjie, Cape Town, phoned me that morning. She asked if I was a ware that Radio 702 was playing a lot of Elvis songs commemorating his birthday.

I switched the radio on and guess what, the announcer said that he will be having an interview with the Elvis Presley Fan Club of Africa.

I made a point to listen and the member who did the interview was Heather Van Wyk. I jotted the telephone number down, phoned on Monday, and the rest is history.
Rita Zinn © EPFCA

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