Wednesday 24 January 2024

 Elvis Grammy Award Songs

Elvis, the King of Rock 'n' Roll, won only 3 Grammy Awards for his music. All for Gospel. How can that be? 

The Grammys were founded in 1958. Elvis' heyday was from 1956-1957. Easy to see how he missed out on some possible major Rock 'n' Roll Grammys.  In total Elvis received 14 Grammy Nominations, of which 6 were for Singles. 

If we dive into his Single Nominations, we found that he received 2 Grammy Nominations each in the 50s, 60s and 70s, covering the R&B, Pop, Gospel and C&W genres. Once again, no Rock 'n Roll nominations in sight.

Elvis' 6 Grammy Nominations for Singles:

In 1959 A Fool Such As I received a Grammy Nomination for Record Of The Year, and A Big Hunk O' Love received a Grammy Nomination for Best R&B Performance, as well as Best Top 40 Artist Performance.

In 1961 Are You Lonesome Tonight? received 3 Grammy Nominations in the following categories: Best Pop Single Performance, Best Male Vocal Performance and Record Of The Year. To top off the nominations for the 60s, in 1969 Elvis received a Grammy Nomination for You'll Never Walk Alone for Best Sacred Performance.

On to the 70s. In 1975 Elvis received a Grammy Nomination for How Great Thou Art (Live, March 1974) for Best Inspirational Performance, and WON - the only Single Nomination win, and part of the only 3 Gospel wins he received. In 1979 Elvis posthumously received his last Grammy Nomination for a Single, namely for  Softly, As I Leave You (Live) for Best Male C&W Performance.