Wednesday 3 September 2014

EPFCA at 10 - Take 5

My own journey with the EPFCA began during the second half of 2005. Marion and I went to the Labia Theatre in the Gardens in Cape Town to see a show called Hound Dog by on Matt Stern, who sang a nice variety of Elvis songs. I recall being rather impressed by his explaining that he was not trying to imitate Elvis, but rather just singing Elvis songs in his own way.

Right after the show we met Annemarie and Nicolette and discovered that there was indeed an Elvis Presley fan club right there in the Cape. Of course I signed up as soon as I possibly could, and next thing I was attending the monthly get-togethers and continued to do so until our departure for Bloemfontein towards the end of 2007. I have retained my membership.

Get-togethers were always a high-light of my month while in the Cape, and a huge “thank you” must go to the two ladies in question for always providing such varied entertainment. From tribute functions to quizzes, movies and music, "amazing races" to a karate session, theme events (e.g. Elvis in the Army) and more, if it’s Elvis you are after, Annemarie and Nicolette certainly provide.Mention must also be made of the wonderful magazine the club have put out the past 10 years. Packed with the most amazing articles and info one could hope for, the magazine alone have made membership fees worthwhile. Once again, well done to the ladies.

No doubt the high point of my Elvis experiences as a member was the trip to Memphis in 2007. Together we watched the “new and improved“ version of Viva Las Vegas on the hallowed lawns of Graceland - what a great evening it was! I also seem to recall  a photo of Jackie van Schalkwyk and I at a petrol station filling the car, and of course Nicolette just had to seriously embarrass me with a video clip taken near the Heartbreak Hotel where I was asked about the nice warm weather - this when temperatures seldom dropped below 100 degrees Fahrenheit!

Lastly but by no means leastly, I must say something about the amazing people I have met at the club. Elvis fans are of course something special (naturally!), and I am truly blessed to be able to count some of them among my very special friends - thank you one and all.

To round off, my EPFCA experience has been an absolute blast from day one, and long may the club continue and prosper - many happy returns on your 10th birthday, and may the next 10 be just as great!
John Webb © EPFCA

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