Sunday 10 August 2014

Spell-bound In London

Annemarie and I jetted off to London for two weeks on 26 April 2005 to see Elvis - The Concert and meet VIPs in the Elvis World. The first few days we did the tourist thing to show Annemarie all the wonderful sites the city has to offer, as it was her first time overseas.

We attended an Elvis Nite at a pub in London where we met up with well-known Elvis author Julie Yeardye who invited us to her and hubby Trevor's home in Tring. They showed us the beautiful countryside surrounding Tring. Then came the big night ... Annemarie and I were so excited, we counted the minutes to the show. At about 6.30 p.m. we took the tube to Hammersmith where the concert was held. We were surrounded by thousands of Elvis fans, young and still young at heart.

Not wanting to miss anything we took our seats and immediately felt the energy in the air. Just before spontaneously combusted with anticipation, the lights dimmed and the first few notes of Also Sprach Zarathustra began to play. We almost jumped out of our seats.

The curtains lifted and there they were, the band members who shared Elvis' stage and life: The Sweets, The Stamps, James Burton, Jerry Scheff, Glen Hardin and Joe Guercio. Then, larger than life, Elvis appeared on the big screen in the middle of the stage. That voice and music captured us and let us experience a magnificent, spell-bound performance!

Soon everybody were rocking in the isles to the rhythm of Suspicious Minds, and, holding hands, swaying to Can't Help Falling In Love. All too soon the evening was over, but the memories of that evening will stay in our hearts forever.
Nicolette Meades © EPFCA

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