Saturday 1 July 2023


Elvis Live on CD (1971)

Via FTD we previously had two live 1971 Elvis concerts:

1. Dinner Show, 28-10-71, Las Vegas, NV, (The Impossible Dream CD) 

2. Evening Show, 28-11-71, Boston, MA, (Elvis As Recorded at Boston Garden CD)

As part of its ongoing live on tour series, the label has released Elvis: Live In Vegas '71 as a 3-CD 5" digipak, featuring three 1971 shows recorded in Vegas, respectively on Jan 27-29.

FTD refer to this release as "having imperfections", but "the historic importance and rarity of these recordings were prioritized". I've read these words before. It is code for "some of the sound quality might be poor."

To buy or not to buy...


1. Some of the sound quality might ruin the listening experience.


1. The shows come directly from the original master tapes, i.e. have the best possible sound

2. The shows include rare live songs

3. Elvis treats the songs with the respect they deserves.

THE FINAL VERDICT seems to be a toss up between quality and rarity.

EVEN if these shows are of more historical importance than anything else, finally we have at least 5 concerts from 1971, making it no longer a "missing year!"