Friday 26 August 2022

Release Me

In 2022 we celebrate all things Elvis in 1972, especially the Golden Globe Award winning film, ELVIS ON TOUR. It's been 50 years. 50. And still, hours of unreleased footage of this rockumentary are sitting in the vaults. Just waiting to be released. Ander here's the kicker: At least 4 FULL evening shows were filmed for this documentary. 4. 

MGM did make a killer documentary in 1972, but only incorporated some performances. We want more. In fact, we want it all. No less than an Extended Edition release including all available performance, rehearsal and candid footage. 

There really is NO good reason NOT to release the rest of the available footage. Maybe Warner have thought Elvis was no longer in demand for cha-ching. If so, the new Elvis film has completely disproven that theory. ELVIS (2022) is riding high in numbers and ratings and has caught the fancy of the new generation. 

Come on, Warner, strike the iron while it's hot and please release the remaining Elvis On Tour (1972) footage.

It is time.  

Ask (pretty please) on Warner Bros. YouTube

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