Sunday 9 August 2015

If I Can Dream

Elvis Presley If I Can Dream Philharmonic Orchestra RCA Sony CD 31 October 2015
Sony Legacy Recordings will bring us a new collaboration between Elvis and The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra with the imminent "If I Can Dream" CD, scheduled for release on 31 October 2015.

Interestingly the lineup includes five songs from the 70s, eight from the 60s (amongst them a possible hidden gem - for the mainstream public, that is) and one 50s song. Elvis sang most of these on stage during his concert years, so I wonder if the live or studio versions will be used (where applicable). I suspect the latter.

At least it's a different concept, with a duet or more incorporated. Elvis' voice, the best ever, together with arguably the best ever orchestra - it just might turn out to be a pretty cool fusion. Hopefully Classical fans might love it, too. Let's wait and see, or rather, hear.

A single, If I Can Dream, b/w Bridge Over Troubled Water, will accompany the album. It seems as if Sony will back this release with a bit of promotion. It all depends who/what else is released at the same time. If the album (or single) makes a splash, it can take Elvis to the charts again. I think if there is one country that can make it happen, it might be the UK. Those guys are so devoted when it gets to Elvis releases. As such I will get my copy from them.

You can reserve a copy at Amazon US, or UK (with the different cover to the left), or Essential Elvis. I tried the online shops Loot and Takelot, without any luck ... get with the program, you guys. I guess they will have the new CD in stock towards November, as might Musica (hopefully).

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