Wednesday 20 August 2014

EPFCA at 10 - Take 2

Teenager discovered Elvis in 1956. Become member of fan club as adultI 'discovered' Elvis when I was a 12 year old budding teenager in 1956. I also discovered that parents were not too keen on this young rock 'n roll singer with the swiveling hips and the smouldering looks! That was fuel on the fire and being rebellious at the time, I went out of my way to collect as many pictures of Elvis as I could to cover my bedroom walls much to my grandmother's disgust! She called him a child of the devil but nothing they said could stop me from adoring him.

I neglected my homework and sat with my ear glued to the radio every afternoon to listen to his songs. I had an exercise book and wrote down all the Elvis songs I heard and learned them off by heart. Great was my excitement when I bought my very first 78 record Doncha' Think It's Time (with Wear My Ring Around Your Neck on the flip side) was played till it was terribly scratched and worn. I have it to this day as well as a few others and also my very first LP, King Creole. Then followed 45s, tapes, videos, CDs and now of course, DVD. But my oldies really bring back happy memories of those early years.

How we screamed our way right through his movies in those days and of course even today when I see Elvis on screen my heart still skips a beat. 

A couple of years ago I joined the Elvis Presley Fan Club of Africa here in Bellville. We listen to his music, watch his movies and talk Elvis. We can let our hair down, sing along, tap our feet, squeal with delight and enjoy a fun filled afternoon once a month with friends who all love Elvis. What a pleasure!
- Christine Botha © EPFCA

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