Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The 21 Wittiest Comebacks Ever to End an Argument

Huffington Post recently had their readers voting for the 'Wittiest Comebacks Ever to End an Argument.'  Twenty-one made the list and our man, Elvis, came third in the poll with the following:

We, as Elvis fans know he had quite a sense of humour and was very witty.  If we had a say, I'm sure we would have had Elvis taking up all the spots on this list of 21! So, let's make our own list of 'Elvis's 21 Wittiest Comebacks'. Just write your favourite Elvis saying, comeback or answer in the comments box and show the world Elvis was the King of Wit! 

Are you up for this challenge? Then, go cat go!

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

EPFCA at 10 - Take 4

After watching G.I. Blues at our local drive-in at the tender age of 6/7, I became a hardcore Elvis fan. My first LP was G. I. Blues which I still have. My first 7-single was Elvis. My first CD and DVD was Elvis. Elvis has always been part of my life.

In 2004 ETV started showing all the old Elvis movies and I was seriously hooked again, feeling like the little girl of all those years ago.

At around that time Annemarie and Nicolette drove around handing out flyers advertising the Elvis Fan Club at different libraries. Not coming to Somerset West Library where I work, a friend from Strand Library sent me one. It took a couple of months before I phoned, not knowing what to expect as some Elvis fans are real weirdos! And then another couple of months before I went!

Well, what a great surprise. Here I am 7 years later and still a member. We are like one big happy family enjoying Elvis once a month.

My highlight was definitely in 2007 when 4 of us went to Memphis for the 30th anniversary of Elvis’ death. There were 75,000 fans. Driving through the gates of Graceland for the first time, was such an emotional experience for me. Walking through Elvis’ house, touching things he had touched (not allowed, but I did!), wow. Then standing by his grave – words just cannot describe the way I felt.

Thank you EPFCA - happy 10th birthday and here’s to the next 10 years!
 Jackie van Schalkwyk © EPFCA

Thursday, 21 August 2014

EPFCA at 10 - Take 3

Elvis fan with Elvis picture
About 10 years ago a friend told me that in the music store CD Select in the Tyger Valley Shopping Centre there is a notice in connection with an Elvis Fan Club. I called Annemarie and 10 years later, the fan club is still going strong.

When I think back, it's the new friends I made and all the beautiful music and everything I learned about Elvis, that bring only beautiful memories

There were a lot of laughs when a few of us had to paint bannersblew up balloons and decorate the hall for the dances that we held.

Many have come and gone but a few fans kept attending the get-togethers. As it happens, we had to loose our dear friends and club members 
Joel and Sylvia for ever when they passed on.

We had outings, Amazing Race quizzes and much more, but what I still enjoy most is Elvis' music and of course the movies and do not forget when we could tear apart the "Colonel" during one of our discussions!
Long live Elvis' music and the Fan Club!
- Connie Jefferies © EPFCA

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

EPFCA at 10 - Take 2

Teenager discovered Elvis in 1956. Become member of fan club as adultI 'discovered' Elvis when I was a 12 year old budding teenager in 1956. I also discovered that parents were not too keen on this young rock 'n roll singer with the swiveling hips and the smouldering looks! That was fuel on the fire and being rebellious at the time, I went out of my way to collect as many pictures of Elvis as I could to cover my bedroom walls much to my grandmother's disgust! She called him a child of the devil but nothing they said could stop me from adoring him.

I neglected my homework and sat with my ear glued to the radio every afternoon to listen to his songs. I had an exercise book and wrote down all the Elvis songs I heard and learned them off by heart. Great was my excitement when I bought my very first 78 record Doncha' Think It's Time (with Wear My Ring Around Your Neck on the flip side) was played till it was terribly scratched and worn. I have it to this day as well as a few others and also my very first LP, King Creole. Then followed 45s, tapes, videos, CDs and now of course, DVD. But my oldies really bring back happy memories of those early years.

How we screamed our way right through his movies in those days and of course even today when I see Elvis on screen my heart still skips a beat. 

A couple of years ago I joined the Elvis Presley Fan Club of Africa here in Bellville. We listen to his music, watch his movies and talk Elvis. We can let our hair down, sing along, tap our feet, squeal with delight and enjoy a fun filled afternoon once a month with friends who all love Elvis. What a pleasure!
- Christine Botha © EPFCA

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

EPFCA at 10 - Take 1

When the nursing sister at my mother’s retirement home told me that an Elvis club existed in Bellville, I could not believe my luck. I immediately phoned and spoke with the founder, Annemarie Swarts. I was not sure what to expect but was very pleasantly surprised. Annemarie questioned me as to why I am an Elvis fan - probably to check out whether I was weird or not. When I told her that I have been a fan since 1956 (giving away my age) and that I had already been to Graceland twice, Annemarie was excited. She invited me to the next get-together (I forget exactly when that was) which was on a Saturday afternoon and asked me to talk about Graceland and to bring all the photos I took there.

When I got to the get-together which was held in Annemarie’s lounge, I met Annemarie, Connie, Poppie and Jako. Yes, membership was low with me coming in at number five but thanks to Annemarie’s perseverance, the club has grown. I was very impressed with the way Annemarie presented the afternoon. I had absolutely no idea what an Elvis fan club would do at a get-together. We talked, listened and watched Elvis footage - some of which I did not know existed. I then showed my photos and spoke about my trips to Graceland. It was a wonderful afternoon, had me hooked and I am still here.

During the past ten years, I have learnt so much more about Elvis. I thought, having been a fan since 1956 and having been to Graceland, that I knew all there was to know but I was so very wrong. I have made numerous friends of which most will remain close friends for life, I hope. I have enjoyed the many get-togethers that we have had and all the fun filled activities that Annemarie and Nicolette have organized. I cannot single out any one event that was more enjoyable than others as I have enjoyed them all - even when we had to write ‘tests’.

I am so very fortunate to be able to call ya’ll friends and thank Elvis and Annemarie for bringing us all together. May the club continue for many, many more decades.      
- Amy Grainger © EPFCA

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Remembering Elvis

With 16th August falling on a Saturday this year, we held our monthly get together on the actual anniversary of Elvis' death, 37 years later.

The first part of the afternoon was dedicated to ‘Sentimental Me’ - personal memories of what very special Elvis songs meant to us. Very happy and very sad memories came to the fore - with each fan sharing very personal feelings. All of us gaining more understanding of each other. O, how Elvis really touched our hearts with his music, his voice. Songs such as Bringing It Back, Love Me Tender, My Wish Came True, An American Trilogy, One Night, all mean so much to one specific fan.

It is amazing just how much Elvis’ music touched us all.

Then came the concert - The Fantasy Concert - of Elvis recorded live on stage in Memphis 20th March 1974 at the Mid-South Coliseum. Camera footage from that show was complemented with footage from other shows to form a complete show! Elvis was in top form, loving every minute of performing back in his hometown for the first time in 13 years. What a performance he gave.

It was a sad day, 16th August, but just watching this concert we became aware again, of what a brilliant, one of a kind entertainer this man with the magnificent voice was and always will be.

RIP Elvis - Long Live The King.
Jackie van Schalkwyk © EPFCA