Members of the EPFCA get together once a month to watch, listen & talk Elvis. We meet up at the Grotto in the DRC Hall at Postma Street 61 in Oakdale, Bellville, from 14:00 - 17:30. Reserved seating only. 

Doors open at 13:30 to the sound of Elvis music and new members are most welcome. Refreshments are on the house. Visitor fees are R40 p.p. with FIRST visit free. 

N.B. The venue is subject to change. Confirm and/or reserve a seat at

Love Elvis? Want to live longer? Laugh a lot? Build more friendships? Go places? Give back to the community? Why not join us

Elvis Presley Fan Club of Africa Year Agenda2020

Saturday I 18 January

Elvis On Piano 3
Elvis in Hollywood

Saturday I 15 February

Elvis Film Nominations
Award Nominated Film 1

Saturday I 14 March

Elvis Amazing Race

Saturday I 18 April

Elvis Take Five 8
Elvis Quiz: 10 Questions

Saturday I 16 May

50s Studio Highlights
Emoji Elvis Song Quiz

Saturday I 06 June

The Elvis Files
True/False Elvis Q&A

Saturday I 11 July

Elvis Trivia Game
On This Day in Elvis History

Saturday I 15 August

Quotes about Elvis By Hollywood
TTWII 2001 The Show

Saturday I 12 September

Elvis Take Five 8
Award Nominated Film 2

Saturday I 17 October

Show & Tell
Elvis Quiz Game

Saturday I 21 November

Year End Function l TBA l Members ONLY